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Citroen C5 2018 Price, Review and Specs

Citroen: Citroen C5 2018 Price, Citroen C5 2018 Price, Review and Specs
Citroen: Citroen C5 2018 Egypt, Citroen C5 2018 Price, Review and Specs
Citroen: New Citroen C5 2018, Citroen C5 2018 Price, Review and Specs
Citroen: Citroen C5 2018 Interior, Citroen C5 2018 Price, Review and Specs

Citroen C5 2018 is versatile car with sedan model. In past time, manufacturer offered hatchback variant but dropped after second generation was released. This car has elegant design with medium engine and performance. You will enjoy driving this car ultimately.

The Design and Price of Citroen C5 2018

Citroen is French automaker, so you will see the different touch and design from other automaker, especially in United States and Germany. It might be difficult to find Citroen products in Asia, but Japan is one of major markets from this company. For Citroen C5, you will know why people purchase it. From exterior perspective, this car is very easy to recognize due to iconic front grille that looks very French with stylish finishing. This car combines aerodynamic approach, but keeps luxury detail at the appropriate proportion. Moreover, the wheelbase is longer than full-size sedan and you may call this car as saloon. That’s what Citroen C5 2018 look like. Well, just open the car's doors and see what you will find at cabin. When coming into interior features, everything you expect form premium car will be installed. The display is ready with many applications to monitor the engine, road, fuel, navigation, and traffic. High-grade leather keeps your driving ultimately comfortable, even in the depraved road. The car is available in two variants: Tourer and Saloon. You may pick Saloon for more spacious cabin or Tourer with high performance specification. As luxury car, Citroen C5 2018 price is above the average, so you must spend more money than the regular car. Initial price starts from $52,000.

Citroen C5 2018 Technical Specs

Engine plays major role to make premium car look interesting and superb. Based on fuel consumption, you are able to pick petrol or diesel models. Each of them consists of several capacities. Petrol models have 2.0, 1.6, and 3.0 liter. Meanwhile, the diesel has 1.6, 2.0, 2.7, and 3.0 liter. How about performance of Citroen C5 2018? It is not sport car, but its acceleration time is quite good. Another excellent aspect is fuel efficiency. You need less than ten liters to go for 100 kilometers. Moreover, the diesel engine has high level because the car takes approximately eight to nine liter to reach 100 kilometers. The other equipment is safety measurement. This car has cruise control and nine airbags to keep passengers safety. Anti-lock braking system and tire pressure monitor keep everything under control. You do not have to worry when parking in the tight space because electrical mode will lead into the right spot. First generation of this car was released in 2000 and manufacturer launched the second generation in 2007. If talking about 2018 model, it seems manufacturer tries to come up with new generation. In two or three years, Citroen adds update to this car, so Citroen C5 2018 might not be new generation yet still has premium specifications.

2020 Toyota Venza Price & Redesign

Toyota: 2020 Toyota Venza Interior Colors And Dimensions, 2020 Toyota Venza Price & Redesign
Toyota: 2020 Toyota Venza Vs Toyota RAV4, 2020 Toyota Venza Price & Redesign
Toyota: 2020 Toyota Venza Is Neither A Station Wagon Nor SUV, 2020 Toyota Venza Price & Redesign
Toyota: 2020 Toyota Venza Facelift Unveiled, 2020 Toyota Venza Price & Redesign
Toyota: 2020 Toyota Venza Midsize Crossover SUV Seemed To Provide Everything People Wanted In A Family-sized Vehicle, 2020 Toyota Venza Price & Redesign

Due to low profit gained from last series of Venza, Toyota is motivated to improve the series by releasing 2020 Toyota Venza. The last series will be available with some changes that are planned by the company. Some of changes are revealed from the prototype of car while others are not yet. We will talk about plan made by Toyota according car’s change. There will be several changes that are either planned or rumored by other people. Later, you will get information about how the car will be created in the future.

2020 Toyota Venza Redesign and Changes

At this aspect, Toyota doesn’t give any hints about it. On other hand, some rumors mention that there is possibility if Toyota will still use the same engine. If it’s true then, 1.4L 4 cylinder will be the car’s engine. The engine is available to deliver 266 HP. Deep inside our mind, we hope that Toyota may consider to pick other engine since, it will give better performance result. Besides, we know that Toyota will give hybrid engine option for the car. The popularity of hybrid car may be the reason behind of this possibility. Toyota has put a huge effort to redesign 2020 Toyota Venza. It’s caused by negative response stated by customers for its predecessor’s look. One thing for sure, redesign may change the car’s look for whole though it may be not true yet. Based on the picture released, all we can say for now it looks really elegant. Besides, the car also looks really masculine based on the car’s bold bodyline. For other change, there might be some possibilities if the car may get new material or other things for the car’s part. As same as the exterior, Toyota will also redesign the cabin. A whole new look cabin may be presented later. However, we still can’t bring any information about any changes or new things due to lack of information collected. Some of our predictions might be related with the car’s feature and design. First, car’s feature may get new things for example, better technology system especially, for the car’s safety. At the other side, we know that Toyota will do a great job for the cabin’s design for using good material and creating good design.

2020 Toyota Venza Release date and price

For now, the release information about the car is still unknown. The only thing that we can say for now is, the car seems to be released at 2020. Besides, the price for 2020 Toyota Venza seems to be cost for $30.000.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Price, MSRP, MPG Result

Toyota: 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV Front Angle, 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Price, MSRP, MPG Result
Toyota: 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV Interior Cabin, 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Price, MSRP, MPG Result
Toyota: 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV Rear Angle, 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Price, MSRP, MPG Result
Toyota: 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV In Canada, 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Price, MSRP, MPG Result

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser is an SUV designed to continue the same car types manufactured by Toyota a decade ago. This car is remodeled in order to achieve maximum performance and comfort compared to the previous version. The changes applied on this remodeled version are boasted able to satisfy drivers for exceptional SUV.

Design of 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser

When looking at its layout for the first time, you can see that the model is using cubical design with rectangular shapes all over the body. The body emphasizes on how to improve its towing ability rather than the vehicle speed. Since the car is remodeled for off road purposes, it should come as no surprise that the car seems robust and durable. The dimension of 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser is larger than most SUV on the same class. The car will be available in the market with light blue color with black accents. Even though both sides of the car have SUV looks, the front side resembles jeep. It incorporates narrow front grille with company logo mounted on the center of it. With bigger exterior dimension, the car has spacious cabin for headroom and legroom. This cabin is able to accommodate up to four passengers and extra cabin storage behind the rear seats. This off road SUV is equipped with a pair of access door on both sides. The front seats can be folded easily to facilitate passengers who wish to sit behind. As it goes with the exterior, the interior of 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser uses the same light blue color theme as well. Black color accents can be found on the seat and carpet of the car. This model features unique infotainment system that can be used easily. Additional facilities such as air conditioning system, audio system, and connectivity are already available on its cabin.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Powertrain

Due to its impressive powertrain configuration, the 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser specs are not something you can underestimate for off road SUV. The 4 liter of V6 engine used for this car is featuring DOHC technology. This powerful main engine is able to generate power output of 260 horsepower along with its 271 lb-ft of torque. Automatic transmission system and suspension system are also redesigned for driver conveniences. The car is not ready to hit the market right now since the model still under further observation to make sure that the car has good performance. The loyal fan of off road vehicle from Toyota calculates that 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser will be available at $300.000.

2017 Buick Riviera Interior, Price & Release Date

Buick: 2017 Buick Riviera Concept Spied, 2017 Buick Riviera Interior, Price & Release Date
Buick: 2017 Buick Riviera Future Concept Car, 2017 Buick Riviera Interior, Price & Release Date
Buick: 2017 Buick Riviera Becoming A Reality, 2017 Buick Riviera Interior, Price & Release Date
Buick: 2017 Buick Riviera Interior Features, 2017 Buick Riviera Interior, Price & Release Date

2017 Buick Riviera is one of the new and upgraded cars released by Buick grand next year. Unlike its any other creations, this sport car has not only an intriguing appearance and mind-twisting model. But also combines the most recent invention in technology through its installation. This car has satisfied the market through its visual appeal yet there is something more it could on the plate in just a single unit.

High-Tech and Upgraded Installation in 2017 Buick Riviera

Coming with V6 3.6 L engine, 2017 Buick Riviera could perform to a total 320 HP and spectacular torque of 286 lb-ft. Adopting the previous concept, the fuel capacity of this car is predicted around 18 to 19 gallons. This benefits long-journey drivers or speeder, as this car’s maximum speed could reach up to 155 mph. Does not stop there, this car will be equipped with Variable Valve Timing and direct fuel injection. Moreover, the engine is compatible with a 10-speed automatic gearbox which promotes a stronger and better performance on the road. This car also owns pneumatic electromagnetic suspension and steering that guarantees the smooth rotation of all the four tires. Another 2017 Buick Riviera specs that interests the market is the concept of this car includes dual-mode W-PHEV that stands for Wireless Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. This is a novel breakthrough in automotive industry as this system enables charging wirelessly via sensory recharge panel installed on the car’s chassis.

Appearance of a Sci-Fi Vehicle in 2017 Buick Riviera

For the interior design, 2017 Buick Riviera combines black wood, leather, and aluminum produces a sense of class and sporty looking inside the car. It is added for four seats with adjustable seating system, so the passengers could find solace and comfort during the ride. More information, this car uses 4G LTE Wi-Fi built in that could be utilized to collect data about the weather, current traffic condition, entertainment, and even connecting with other cars. The New Buick Riviera superiority would be relating to its exterior design. While the initial concept basically was inspired with the Chinese sayings “the greatest good is like water,” this explains the waterfall grille layout on its front part. Composited with angled windshield and auto-style rooftop, the car looks even more futuristic. The active aerodynamic element and gull-wing doors incorporate a sophisticated feeling to the design. The car then is embellished with wing-shaped running daylight creating a more stylish appearance. As the car is finished with frosty blue color, finalizing a look that perfectly fits the concept of water from the beginning. The price is predicted to be around $50,000, although it is not set yet. Although the concept and looks have been released, it is believed that the car could be purchased from mid-2017. However, consumers might need to wait for a little longer again as 2017 Buick Riviera would probably come out at latter part of next year.

2017 Ford Torino GT Cobra Price & Specs

Ford: 2017 Ford Torino Cobra For Sale, 2017 Ford Torino GT Cobra Price & Specs
Ford: 2017 Ford Torino Interior Photos, 2017 Ford Torino GT Cobra Price & Specs
Ford: 2017 Ford Torino Exterior Facelift, 2017 Ford Torino GT Cobra Price & Specs
Ford: 2017 Ford Torino Cobra Specifications, 2017 Ford Torino GT Cobra Price & Specs

The 2017 Ford Torino may enter the market to get many more fans in 2017. The Torino model has already in the market since 1968 to be a legendary car in the US market. This model also participates in the NASCAR event with its GT version. It shows some facts about the engine and the performance of this car that is powerful and durable. No one will doubt its capability to give you a responsive and smooth handling, The new version of this model is very well anticipated by its fans around the world, especially from the US. They expect something new for the upcoming Ford Torino regarding style and performance. We believe that Ford will do the best to produce the next model of Ford Torino. Some information about this car will be fascinating to be discussed.

2017 Ford Torino Exterior and Interior Design

The Ford Torino exterior design will be modern, futuristic, stylish and has a classic feel to shows its identity as a legendary car. The design will make you able notice its difference easily from the other modern sports sedan in the market. The Ford Torino front end comes in a sharp and curved design. There are some improvements in front of this modern sedan. The front grille now has a large design with the large air intake system. It will be able to provide adequate air supply to the engine. The headlights are rumored to use the HID lights that provide a better illumination than the LED lights. The body of 2017 Ford Torino is longer than the current model. The wheels are rumored to use the 20-inches stylish alloy wheels. The modern interior design will be found on the next Ford Torino model. The best materials will be used for the upholstery of the interior combined with the finest leather materials. The dashboard and the steering wheel come in a classic design using modern materials and leather as the cover. The dashboard will have some modern features, and the touchscreen display is a must feature for the dashboard. The cabin size is spacious and comfortable providing the best enjoyment for the driver and the passengers. The seats of Ford Torino are covered by the highest leather quality in a beautiful design. The safety features of Torino surely will be modern using the newest technology from Ford. Some other modern features are also installed in the cabin.

2017 Ford Torino Powertrain and Price Estimated

The engine of the Ford Torino will be powerful and responsive, especially for the GT model. The engine of the Torino will be a 5.0-liter V8 Ti-VCT engine that is the same engine as the Ford Mustang GT. It can produce 435 horsepower and 400 pounds of torque. It only needs 4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. The fuel efficiency will be 15 mpg city and 35 mpg highway. The price of this new powerful sports sedan will be around $40,000 for the base model. There are some possibilities for the release date of this car. It can be released at the end of this year or the mid of next year. We still wait for the official info from Ford about the release date of the 2017 Ford Torino.

2020 Chrysler 300 Concept, Redesign, Release Date

Chrysler: 2020 Chrysler 300 Features, MPG, Horsepower And More, 2020 Chrysler 300 Concept, Redesign, Release Date
Chrysler: 2020 Chrysler 300 Is Going To Share The Platform With Pacifica, 2020 Chrysler 300 Concept, Redesign, Release Date
Chrysler: 2020 Chrysler 300 Waiting For Big Changes, 2020 Chrysler 300 Concept, Redesign, Release Date
Chrysler: 2020 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Updated Engines, 2020 Chrysler 300 Concept, Redesign, Release Date
Chrysler: 2020 Chrysler 300 Overview, 2020 Chrysler 300 Concept, Redesign, Release Date

2020 Chrysler 300 is a future car that will improve the specs significantly. The rumored specs above can be the images why you should consider buying it. Chrysler 300 is one of the most popular and most favorite cars. For the next generation, the company plans the new specs. New Chrysler 300 will not only stay affordable but also improve the specs. Therefore, let’s talk more about it.

2020 Chrysler 300 Exterior, Interior, Engine Specs

Starts from the exterior, there will be some changes if we compare it to the latest version. Even though the fixed exterior design is still unknown, we believe that the future Chrysler 300 will have new bumpers, grille, lights, and some other parts. Anyway, we will not be disappointed with its new exterior design. This upcoming car will not only redesign its exterior but also the interior. For the interior design, it will be much more comfortable as well as enjoyable. It will also keep and add new features & techs to increase the value. With more complete features, 2020 Chrysler 300 interior will not make you feel bored. We have looked for the information about the new engine that will be used for 2020 Chrysler 300. However, it is still unknown yet until now since the company is still silent about it. However, we believe that the engine will be more powerful. So, the performance will also be better including the speed, fuel efficiency, acceleration, etc.

2020 Chrysler 300 Price and Release Date

As long as the fixed price is still released, it is difficult to guess the estimated price. However, there are many rumors related to 2020 Chrysler 300 price. For the base model, the price will start from around 35,000 dollars. Then, the mid-level and high level will be more expensive. Because it is still too far to release this future car, the fixed launching time is still unknown. Even though people are waiting this car so much, they should be more patient. We predict that the company will not launch it sooner than the late of 2019. Even more, some experts predict that it will come out in the early of 2020. There are many reasons why you should prioritize buying this future car. In relation to the use, this is appropriate for any use such as daily use, travelling, office, etc. For the performance, it is undoubted including the power, torque, speed, fuel economy, etc. That is why 2020 Chrysler 300 is recommended so much.

2017 Ford Atlas Truck Price, Concept, MPG Result

Ford: 2017 Ford Atlas Interior Colors, 2017 Ford Atlas Truck Price, Concept, MPG Result
Ford: 2017 Ford Atlas Officially Debuts, 2017 Ford Atlas Truck Price, Concept, MPG Result
Ford: 2017 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck, 2017 Ford Atlas Truck Price, Concept, MPG Result
Ford: 2017 Ford Atlas Truck First Impression, 2017 Ford Atlas Truck Price, Concept, MPG Result

The 2017 Ford Atlas is a concept pickup truck that showed in 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Many rumors said that it would be the successor of Ford F150 in the future. So, the basic platform is still based on the Ford F150. The Ford Atlas is rumored to come with a fresh design and better engine performance than the F150 model. The release date of the Ford Atlas is still unknown. But, there are some possibilities that the Ford Atlas will be launched in 2017. It will be fascinating to talk about some aspects of this new modern pickup truck. The body design of Ford Atlas will be stylish, sporty, aggressive and elegance.

2017 Ford Atlas Exterior and Interior Design

The Ford Atlas exterior design will be futuristic and elegance as a modern pickup truck. The body of Ford Atlas is rumored to use aluminum that has lightweight and strong. The overall body weight of Ford Atlas is expected to be lighter than the F150 model. The body dimension and size of the Ford Atlas will be the same as the Ford F150. In the Detroit Auto Show in 2013, we found that the Ford Atlas concept comes with the double-deck front lights. A rectangular front grille with wind-resistant feature accompanies the strong fascia at the front of Ford Atlas. The roof of this new pickup truck will use the glass material. The Ford Atlas comes with five doors with the big chrome mask for the front doors. Let’s see the 2017 Ford Atlas interior design that is dominated with the black and gray shade. The interior design will be new, fresh and stylish providing comfortable cabin size and seats. The driver seats will be very comfortable because of the use of soft natural leather as the cover. On the Foard Atlas dashboard, there is a large touchscreen display to help you in the navigation. At the back, there are also two touchscreen displays located at the back of the front row seats. It will provide some entertainment for the passengers of the back row seats. The cabin size of Ford Atlas is quite large that make it very comfortable for our leg and head. Some modern features and technologies are installed inside the upcoming Ford Atlas.

2017 Ford Atlas Powertrain and Price Estimated

As a modern and strong mid-size pickup truck, the Ford Atlas will have a responsive and powerful engine. The 5.0-liter V8 engine will be used as the powertrain of the Ford Atlas. This engine can deliver 360 horsepower and 380 pounds of torque and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds. The Ford Atlas will use a six-speed automatic transmission system. Some rumors also said that the Ford Atlas would be offered in some engine options. The price of the upcoming Ford Atlas is still unclear because Ford has not released any information about it. Many car enthusiasts predicted that the Ford Atlas would be released at the end of 2016, but it seems that it will not happen. So, we can only wait to see the 2017 Ford Atlas on the road in 2017.

2018 Honda Element Price, Specs, Interior in USA

Honda: 2018 Honda Element MPG Result, 2018 Honda Element Price, Specs, Interior in USA
Honda: 2018 Honda Element Interior Colors, 2018 Honda Element Price, Specs, Interior in USA
Honda: 2018 Honda Element Price Range In USA, 2018 Honda Element Price, Specs, Interior in USA
Honda: 2018 Honda Element Small Honda City Car, 2018 Honda Element Price, Specs, Interior in USA

The 2018 Honda Element will continue its unique appearance as a modern car providing comfortable space inside and powerful engine. As you know, the design of this car is unique compared to the other cars in the market nowadays. It doesn’t have the appearance of a stylish sports car with the high top speed, but it has a modern and futuristic design offering the best comfort and features for the driver and the passengers. The Honda Element itself was firstly launched in 2009, but the sales are getting down from time to time. The last model that entered the market is the 2013 model. In this upcoming release, Honda wants to impress more people with the features and the futuristic design of the Element model. This new model is predicted to hit the market in 2018.

2018 Honda Element Exterior and Interior Design

Once again, we will say that the design of the Honda Element is unique using the boxy body design. Honda tries to do best for maximizing this car potential to get more fans and also continue the production of the Element model. This car is purposed for anyone who demands a modern car with the large cabin and unique design that accommodate any needs. There are some changes for the next Honda Element that can make you fall in love with this unique car. The body size and dimension is still the same as the previous Element model. Some changes at the front of this unique car will create a more futuristic appearance than the predecessor. The new attractive front grille can be found at the front. The 2018 Honda Element also use the LED headlights for a better illumination and style than the previous model. The front bumper also comes in a stylish and unique shape. The interior design of this unique boxy car will be the same unique as the exterior design. The passengers’ seats and space are arranged in a futuristic and impressive way. You will find a modern and futuristic atmosphere inside this car because of its interior style. The seats are covered by the finest leather quality and come in the modern and unique design. The dashboard also comes in unusual design compared to any modern vehicles in the market. The dashboard shape is a perfect choice for them who want to have a unique driving experience. Some modern features such as the touchscreen display and high-quality audio system will be implemented to this car. Overall, the Honda Element interior is very attractive.

2018 Honda Element Powertrain and Price Estimated

The engine of Honda Element uses a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. It can produce 166 horsepower and 161 pounds of torque. Its transmission is a 5-speed automatic transmission. This engine also has a good fuel efficiency, 20 mpg city, and 25 mpg highway. This engine will be ready to provide good performance for any of your daily needs. The new Honda Element will be priced around $20,000. This price info still unclear because we are still waiting for the official info from Honda. Many people expect this different car will enter the market in 2018. If you are looking for a modern and unique car, the 2018 Honda Element can be a good option for you.

2018 Toyota Hilux TRD Price and Specs in USA

Toyota: 2018 Toyota Hilux Australia Specs, 2018 Toyota Hilux TRD Price and Specs in USA
Toyota: 2018 Toyota Hilux TRD 4x4 Preview, 2018 Toyota Hilux TRD Price and Specs in USA
Toyota: 2018 Toyota Hilux Interior Facelift, 2018 Toyota Hilux TRD Price and Specs in USA
Toyota: 2018 Toyota Hilux SR5 In USA, 2018 Toyota Hilux TRD Price and Specs in USA

2018 Toyota Hilux participates on the competition for crossover car type of SUV and pickup. The front section resemble SUV layout with spacious interior space. Meanwhile, the back section takes the pickup layout with cargo space. In order to accommodate both passenger and cargo, it is equipped with powerful engine.

The Exterior and Interior Part of 2018 Toyota Hilux

In general, the layout of the car has many similarities with the previous model. The remodeling is only implemented on the front grille and other minor parts of the exterior design. Small wheels are equipped with great suspension system for both esthetic and comfort purpose. The radiator grille of 2018 Toyota Hilux is lined perfectly with the headlamps on its ends. Entire design of its exterior is using blue color with glossy feature. Being a crossover between SUV and pickup, the car takes seriously its aerodynamic design. Instead of using bigger dimension as most SUV, it uses compact design. The description of its interior goes differently with the exterior of the car. Instead of using blue color theme, the interior focus on creating elegant impression with monochromatic color theme. The interior combines neutral color such as dark and gray with chrome accent on the steering wheel and dashboard. Several indicators are mounted on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel. Well, 2018 Toyota Hilux brings the backlight feature in order to make the driver able to read it easier even though the cabin space is dark. Other features such as user-friendly navigation system and air conditioning system can be found on the central command.

Engine Options for 2018 Toyota Hilux

The manufacturer provides two engine options for the model. The first engine option is 2.7 liter of diesel engine that can generate up to 170 horsepower along with 258 Nm. Meanwhile, the second engine option is 2.8 liter of diesel engine that can generate up to 160 horsepower and 407 Nm. The manufacturer has not confirmed about 2018 Toyota Hilux release date yet. The December of 2016 seems to be reasonable time to release the car to the marketplace. During this time, the market condition has great demand for SUV and pickup combo. With such engine options, most people expect that the price will be extremely high. However, the automobile expert calculates that it will be surprisingly affordable. In fact, based on their calculation, 2018 Toyota Hilux will be available around base price of $20,000.

2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA

Acura: 2018 Acura CDX Photo Gallery, 2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA
Acura: 2018 Acura CDX Interior Photos, 2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA
Acura: 2018 Acura CDX Will Be On Sale In USA, 2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA
Acura: 2018 Acura CDX Review And Pricing, 2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA

2018 Acura CDX will be the first vehicle from Acura that assembled for Chinese market. For your information, Acura is subsidiary company from Honda that produces luxury car. CDX will compete in emerging market, particularly in Chinese and expected to export worldwide.

2018 Acura CDX Design Characteristics

As new car, the exterior or first look is important part to attract customer, particularly for luxury product. Manufacturer develops iconic front grille with five-sided appearance at front grille. It is like reverse pentagon with two sides which are longer than the rest. Acura emblem is mounted at the center of this figure. Another interesting part from 2018 Acura CDX is the tight headlamp with LED technology. Even though this for Chinese market, Acura cannot afford to lose momentum and quality. New car should come with fancy design and sophisticated exterior. Well, the exterior part is very tempting and you will be more pleasant after seeing the cabin. As crossover, it has two-row mode for seats. Five to six passengers, including driver are able to sit conveniently. If you need more space for storage, the last row can be folded. This feature is very suitable when owner wants to go for the long journey. As luxury car, 2018 Acura CDX price is higher because of some advanced tools and panels. Touchscreen display at front dashboard gives whatever you need during journey. It provides information about traffic, weather, route, gas station, and road condition. You will find some signs such as fuel level, speed, engine rotation, map indicator, etc. In addition, Acura uses integrated application which can be connected via internet, so driver and passengers are able to sit and enjoy their leisure time.

More Information about 2018 Acura CDX

Engine is one of important matters for 2018 Acura CDX. If you want powerful crossover, this car is not the option due to 1.5 liter with powertrain only 182 horsepower. However, such engine is enough to handle your rush hour and beat the traffic every day. Moreover, this car is good for long journey. The car has wheelbase 2,660 meters and the length of 4,439 meters. The dimension is enough to put this car on compact category. Another part of performance is transmission which uses eight-speed automatic. Manufacturer wants customers to experience the ultimate driving while sitting behind the steering wheel. Several safety measures are already in place. There are airbags, safety belts, blind spot monitor, parking assist, and tire pressure monitoring. The display at front dashboard will give condition of these features. Acura stated that the car is ready on market in 2016 as 2018 model. It means everyone is able to order today due to availability. The price starts from $38,000. Well, 2018 Acura CDX will be the most favorite car at all.

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