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2020 Chevy Nova SS Price & Specs

2020 Chevy Nova SS: 2020 Chevy Nova SS Spy Photos, 2020 Chevy Nova SS Price & Specs
2020 Chevy Nova SS: 2020 Chevy Nova Interior Colors, 2020 Chevy Nova SS Price & Specs
2020 Chevy Nova SS: 2020 Chevy Nova Concept Spied, 2020 Chevy Nova SS Price & Specs
2020 Chevy Nova SS: 2020 Chevy Nova News And Rumors, 2020 Chevy Nova SS Price & Specs

There are not many people who think that the new 2020 Chevy Nova will be something a little bit beefy. That is because since the first time Nova was manufactured, this kind of impression is not something that you can get from this sedan. However, if you are a real lover of Nova, there is nothing that you need to worry about since this car still has the old looks like the Nova from the past.

Bigger Body Structure on 2020 Chevy Nova

When you are talking about the size of this new Nova that will be released for 2020 model, it is true that you will get the bigger sedan. As the result, you will get the better space inside the car too. It does not matter if you are the passengers or the driver. Both will get the kind of perfect space inside this car. For your additional information, the new Nova might be something that also adopts the overall look of the Bolt. That is because the overall looking design of the new Nova looks a little bit similar with the Bolt. In conclusion, you can simply say that this new Nova has the blood of the Bolt from the exterior of this 2020 Chevy Nova.

Engine Details on New 2020 Chevy Nova

Even though the blood of Bolt can be seen from the exterior, it seems like the engine is not that similar at all. It is true that this new Nova has the bigger body, but the engine quality remains the same. You can simply say that the engine of this new Nova is slightly standard and regular. That is because this car is using 2.5-Liter engine. If you are looking for the better engine option from this new Nova, you can only get the one with the maximum engine capacity of 3.6-Liter. Both of those engine options are using the similar V6 model engine so that you might not be able to get that kind of powerful performance such as the one that you can get from Chevy Bolt. However, it seems like getting the standard engine from this car is not that bad either. That is because the engine is considered as something slightly powerful and the fuel consumption is something nice too. You can get the average of 25 to 28 miles using one gallon of fuel on this car. That means, in term of fuel efficiency, 2020 Chevy Nova is good enough because you can reach further on this car.

2017 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Price and Release Date

Dodge: 2017 Dodge Magnum Make A Comeback, 2017 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Price and Release Date
Dodge: 2017 Dodge Magnum Hellcat Wagon, 2017 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Price and Release Date
Dodge: 2017 Dodge Magnum Interior Photos, 2017 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Price and Release Date
Dodge: 2017 Dodge Magnum Revival Dead On Arrival, 2017 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Price and Release Date

The 2017 Dodge Magnum is rumored to hit the market soon in 2017. This new Magnum model will be the improvement version of the previous model. As you know, the Dodge Magnum is one of the best vehicles in US market in terms of design and style. The body shape of the Dodge Magnum shows its identity as a unique vehicle with good performance and style. Some improvements of the next Dodge Magnum will make it better than the predecessor. The Magnum model was firstly released in 2005 and got many attentions from the public for its unusual exterior design. The information for the upcoming model of this unique vehicle is fascinating to be talked. There is some important information for you about the upcoming Dodge Magnum in this article.

2017 Dodge Magnum Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior design of the Dodge Magnum is the power and the characteristic of this vehicle. The body shape makes the Dodge Magnum as a “different” vehicle compared to the others vehicle in the market nowadays. It can be a good choice for them who are looking for a unique vehicle with good performance and style. Compared to the previous model, the upcoming Dodge Magnum exterior design will get some changes. The body size and dimension are rumored to use the same platform as the previous model. The headlights of this upcoming Magnum will use the LED lights with a beautiful and stylish shape. The front grille of the next magnum is rumored to be larger than the predecessor. The 2017 Dodge Magnum will use the same wheel size as the previous model. Some improvements also can be found at the back of the Magnum, especially for the taillights and the muffler. For the interior of the next Magnum, the comforts level will be improved. The cabin size of this unique vehicle is capable of accommodating up to six or seven passengers. It’s vital to give the best driving experience to the passengers and the driver of the upcoming Magnum. The best materials will be used for the upholstery inside the 2017 Magnum. The dashboard of the next Magnum will have a new model using modern technologies. A touchscreen display for navigation and entertainment media will be implemented on the Magnum dashboard. The comfort inside the Dodge Magnum is also supported by the highest leather quality of seats. The space of the cabin is also very comfortable for your leg.

2017 Dodge Magnum Powertrain and Price Estimated

The engine of the next Dodge Magnum is a 2.7-liter V6 engine. The Magnum engine is capable of producing 178 horsepower and powerful torque. But, this engine specification is still a rumor because Chrysler group has not released any information about it. There will be RT and SRT trims choice for the next Magnum model. It will determine the engine specs and also the transmission system. The information for the price and the release date of the next Dodge Magnum is still unclear. Some industry rumors said that the basic model of the Dodge Magnum would be priced around $23,000. For the release of this upcoming Magnum is rumored in 2017. The 2017 Dodge Magnum surely will be a unique vehicle to hit the market.

2017 Chevy Nova SS Concept, Price & Release Date

Chevrolet: 2017 Chevy Nova SS Concept, 2017 Chevy Nova SS Concept, Price & Release Date
Chevrolet: 2017 Chevy Nova Classics For Sale, 2017 Chevy Nova SS Concept, Price & Release Date
Chevrolet: 2017 Chevy Nova Concept Leaked, 2017 Chevy Nova SS Concept, Price & Release Date
Chevrolet: 2017 Chevy Nova Interior Features, 2017 Chevy Nova SS Concept, Price & Release Date

2017 Chevy Nova is already expected to be as fantastic as the predecessors. There are already five generations of Nova model, starting from 1962 to 1985. That makes the newest generation as one of the most awaited car today.

The Price Range of 2017 Chevy Nova

This car will be launched in several price ranges. There will be some different versions of this Nova generation and the price will be varied between them. The most affordable version is the one with manual transmission in coupe turbo four that will be valued for $26.695. The value of the one with V-6 engine is $28.490. There will also be the version with powerful V-8 and 6.2-liter engine that will be valued for $37.295. The next entry price is $33.695 and the most expensive version of 2017 Chevy Nova is the one which equipped with SS version. The price will be around $49.295.

2017 Chevy Nova Style and Specs

Since the value of the car is quite right, we need to take a look to the style and specifications of the car. Take a glance of the exterior look. There are some inheritances of classical touch, yet of course with some stylish improvements. The newest generation is quite smaller in size from the previous versions and it will be lighter for 200 pounds. However, the details of 2017 Chevy Nova exterior look so amazing. You will get the combination of classic and strong look with smooth curves, thin grille, strong rear pillars and whole powerful legs. Meanwhile, 2017 Chevy Nova interior design will provide you with the modern look with better materials. The dashboard will be lower than the last version. But since the size is quite smaller, of course there is not so much area in the passenger space. The seating will be coated with expensive and luxurious Recaro and completed with ventilation and heating system. Some infotainment technologies that will be included are touchscreen in the size of 7.0 inch, sound system with 6 speakers, USB ports, and temperature control. In addition, V8 and 5.7-liter engine will be able to produce up to 315 hp which has the ability to reach 27 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg while driving in the city. As for the release date, many people predict the official auto car shows that's chosen by Chevrolet to officially launch the car will be held in 2017. So until next year, we cannot expect to see 2017 Chevy Nova.

2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date

Mazda: 2020 Mazda CX 5 First Look Interior And Exterior, 2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date
Mazda: 2020 Mazda CX 5 Is A New Popular Model From The Stable Of The Japanese Car Manufacturer, 2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date
Mazda: 2020 Mazda CX 5 Offers A Great Combination Of Sports Styling, Driving Dynamics, And Economy, 2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date
Mazda: 2020 Mazda CX 5 Gets 210 HP Diesel And New Skyactiv Technology, 2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date
Mazda: 2020 Mazda CX 5 Turbo Adds Better Active Safety To Complement Its Sharp Looks And Easy-driving Nature, 2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date

After astounding success of the whole Mazda gamut, its skyactiv and kodo technologies, there are lots of fans and purchasers which are expecting impatiently with the presences of 2020 Mazda CX 5. Everything about this car would be featured with the changes toward some degrees. In other words, many people expect the improvements by means of designs, upgrade on interiors, and revised powertrain capability as well as improved fuel economies. If everything would go to the plans, this new 2020 Mazda CX 5 model would be on the streets as soon as possible around the ends of 2017.

2020 Mazda CX 5 Exterior and Interior

As current model launched by Mazda, this car is really attractive on its outsides as this gets. By this, there will be really little room for the presences of additional tweaking. The touch of enhancements will be done mostly on its front bumper. Probably, this 2020 Mazda CX 5 exterior will be designed with slightly sharper headlight, but it must inherit the similar front grilles. Both of rear and head light would be featured with modern technology of LED. On this current model, there will be no change on its dimension. Inside this car, there will be no features with major overhaul. However, there will be standard safety features that include side impact beams, ABS, ESC, airbags for passenger and drivers, low tire pressure warning, safety lock, and many more. Entertainment features on this 2020 Mazda CX 5 would include 40speaker sound systems, MP3 capability, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD touchscreen with infotainment feature, and many others.

2020 Mazda CX 5 engines and performances Conclution

Speculatively, this current Mazda will not come with any kind of revision, upgrade, or modification on its engines. The engine options would be carried over its new generations. For the basic engine, there will be 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engines that can deliver up to 155 horsepower at 6000 rpm with maximum torque outputs up to 150 pounds-feet at 4000 rpm. This engine would be mated with six-speed manual system with front wheel drive configurations. For estimated fuel economies on this setup is 35 mpg on highway, 26 mpg on city, and 29 mpg as it is combined. It is pretty impressive results consider the class of this 2020 Mazda CX 5. The cruising ranges on highways are rated at 518 miles and 385 miles while in the city. For the others option, there will be more powerful variants that include 2.5 liter inline 4-cylinder petrol engines with direct injections. It can produce maximum output up to 184 horsepower at 5700 rpm and the peak torque output up to 185 pounds-feet around 3250 rpm. This machine will be paired with six-speed automatic transmission systems. Its estimated fuel economy is 25 mpg on city, 32 mpg on highway, and 27 mpg as it is combined. Also, there will be two diesel variants of similar engines. There will be 2.2 liter diesel engines which can produce up to 148 horsepower that is coupled either with automatic or manual six-speed gearbox. Comes to the performance, this engine can accelerate the vehicle start from 0 up to 60 only within 9.2 seconds. For more powerful diesels which are the similar 2.2 liter unit, this time produces 173 horsepower that can reach up to 60 mph only in 8.8 seconds. For the comparisons, to reach, 2.5 liter petrol unit can get within 8 seconds and 9 seconds for 2.0-liter unit.


2020 Mazda CX 5 is current model of Mazda that is planned to launch at the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2020 with some enhancements and improvements.

2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA

Acura: 2018 Acura CDX Review And Pricing, 2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA
Acura: 2018 Acura CDX Photo Gallery, 2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA
Acura: 2018 Acura CDX Interior Photos, 2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA
Acura: 2018 Acura CDX Will Be On Sale In USA, 2018 Acura CDX Price, Interior and Review in USA

2018 Acura CDX will be the first vehicle from Acura that assembled for Chinese market. For your information, Acura is subsidiary company from Honda that produces luxury car. CDX will compete in emerging market, particularly in Chinese and expected to export worldwide.

2018 Acura CDX Design Characteristics

As new car, the exterior or first look is important part to attract customer, particularly for luxury product. Manufacturer develops iconic front grille with five-sided appearance at front grille. It is like reverse pentagon with two sides which are longer than the rest. Acura emblem is mounted at the center of this figure. Another interesting part from 2018 Acura CDX is the tight headlamp with LED technology. Even though this for Chinese market, Acura cannot afford to lose momentum and quality. New car should come with fancy design and sophisticated exterior. Well, the exterior part is very tempting and you will be more pleasant after seeing the cabin. As crossover, it has two-row mode for seats. Five to six passengers, including driver are able to sit conveniently. If you need more space for storage, the last row can be folded. This feature is very suitable when owner wants to go for the long journey. As luxury car, 2018 Acura CDX price is higher because of some advanced tools and panels. Touchscreen display at front dashboard gives whatever you need during journey. It provides information about traffic, weather, route, gas station, and road condition. You will find some signs such as fuel level, speed, engine rotation, map indicator, etc. In addition, Acura uses integrated application which can be connected via internet, so driver and passengers are able to sit and enjoy their leisure time.

More Information about 2018 Acura CDX

Engine is one of important matters for 2018 Acura CDX. If you want powerful crossover, this car is not the option due to 1.5 liter with powertrain only 182 horsepower. However, such engine is enough to handle your rush hour and beat the traffic every day. Moreover, this car is good for long journey. The car has wheelbase 2,660 meters and the length of 4,439 meters. The dimension is enough to put this car on compact category. Another part of performance is transmission which uses eight-speed automatic. Manufacturer wants customers to experience the ultimate driving while sitting behind the steering wheel. Several safety measures are already in place. There are airbags, safety belts, blind spot monitor, parking assist, and tire pressure monitoring. The display at front dashboard will give condition of these features. Acura stated that the car is ready on market in 2016 as 2018 model. It means everyone is able to order today due to availability. The price starts from $38,000. Well, 2018 Acura CDX will be the most favorite car at all.

2020 Infiniti QX50 Release Date, Specs, Redesign

Infiniti: 2020 Infiniti QX50 Interior Features, 2020 Infiniti QX50 Release Date, Specs, Redesign
Infiniti: 2020 Infiniti QX50 Crossover Dimensions, 2020 Infiniti QX50 Release Date, Specs, Redesign
Infiniti: 2020 Infiniti QX50 For Sale By Private Owner, 2020 Infiniti QX50 Release Date, Specs, Redesign
Infiniti: 2020 Infiniti QX50 Facelift Redesign, 2020 Infiniti QX50 Release Date, Specs, Redesign
Infiniti: 2020 Infiniti QX50 Detroit Spied, 2020 Infiniti QX50 Release Date, Specs, Redesign

Some of the new car on the 2020 is going to have many interesting improvements and one of them is the 2020 Infiniti QX50. This car will be one of the car that offer many major and minor improvements that spread on all of the car parts. The most important part of the car which ranges from exterior, interior and also engine will be the main focus of this car improvement. Which means we can get better and reliable car in the end.

2020 Infiniti QX50 Exterior and Interior Redesign

Exterior of this car will be offered with new fender design, better body design and also new aerodynamics features. In overall the car exterior is much better than the previous car design which is a huge improvements. Several interesting things to notice is that this car will now offer better LED light system. And also lighter body due to the new car material. Interior will be available with comfortable new design that feel more luxurious. This can be seen on some of the design that are using high quality material leather. The new interior also much more comfortable due to the larger interior design. This will also be supported with variety of entertainment and also high tech features which can be noticed in new features such as audio system as well.

2020 Infiniti QX50 Engine Specs, Price and Release Date

Okay for the engine, this car will be having several new improvements, but most importantly the new engine of this car will be V6 engine with 3.7 liter engine capacity. The engine will be mated with automatic transmission system which offer 7 speed of gear. This car engine can go with around 320 horsepower on its peak power and also 270 lb-ft of torque as well. This engine will be supported with AWD mechanism. There are important issue about this car price and release date, it is because the improvement really take some influence on these parts. The price of this car will be changed according to the final results, however it can be expected under the price tag of $. For the release date, it is not really known, however, it is supposed to be on the beginning of the year of 2020 which means one year from now. With all of the improvements that are applied into the car exterior and also interior, it is a good idea to know about the safety features this car has to offer. According to the information we can gather the car will be equipped with variety of interesting improvements on the safety side. The improvements ranges from collision detection sensor and of course airbags system. This will make the 2020 Infiniti QX50 safer and reliable.

2020 Chevy 2500HD Price & Release Date

Chevrolet: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Review & Road Test, 2020 Chevy 2500HD Price & Release Date
Chevrolet: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Interior Colors And Features, 2020 Chevy 2500HD Price & Release Date
Chevrolet: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Pricing, Ratings & Reviews, 2020 Chevy 2500HD Price & Release Date
Chevrolet: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Model Preview, 2020 Chevy 2500HD Price & Release Date
Chevrolet: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Overview, 2020 Chevy 2500HD Price & Release Date

2020 Chevy 2500HD included as future pickup truck that will be released. 2500HD known as one popular series produced by Chevy in future. It’s a must for Chevy to keep it up as a way to keep their pace on the market. For 2020 2500HD, Chevy plans to put something different for the truck. There are several significant changes seen on the car. It’s something that will improve the car on visual and engine sides. For this part, we will give you a sneak peek about it. The first sneak peek seen on the car’s exterior. People never care about how the car will be looked. But, it’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten. Chevy plans to put something refreshing and different than before. There could be several changes with new or even revision. The same thing goes on the cab. The cab will be improved for its features and design. In this case, they will get something that can help everyone feels really comfortable while sitting inside. The feature will help us to feel comfortable for entertainment and safety.

2020 Chevy 2500HD Diesel Engine

It’s always really interesting for talking about the engine. People are curious about how Chevy can turn the car as beast on road. Therefore, a monstrous engine is needed to transfer a huge power for the truck. It’s something that we will talk through here. As the main weapon, 2500HD will be powered with 4 cylinder inline 2.8L turbodiesel. The engine is strong enough for the truck. Besides, it provides powerful production to support the truck’s need as outdoor ride. The engine is able to generate 181 HP. It seems small but, Chevy may have special consideration to put the engine as the main one. However, it’s not final yet because, there are many rumors state about several options. The second engine comes is, V6 3.6 L fuel that provides more HP, 305 HP with 269 torque. People will be more interested in taking the second option. However, it’s still unsure whether Chevy may go for one of them or take this one as one of trim level.

2020 Chevy 2500HD Changes and Redesign

Afterwards, we’re moving to the exterior of 2020 Chevy 2500HD. What kind of thing that we can expect from here? Of course, there are many of them. Started from a redesign visual to several changes made for making better look. Besides, Chevy is not only aiming for visual only. There could be several moves made to improve the car’s performance and durability through the exterior. Though there is no change seen but, the exterior looks really awesome. Chevy decides to put the old style redeemed with several new things. Front bumper is changed for giving fresh look with simple and strong look. The addition of small fog lamp can be a good thing that can improve the car’s visual and feature. Another footstep added on both sides seem not so important but it turns as a good thing for the passenger to hop inside. Besides, it can be said as good accessory for the truck. Moving inside the truck, there is simpler than any cars that we’ve seen. The truck may got no special thing just like other car. But, Chevy aims for other things that will be put inside the truck. First of all, Chevy starts to make the cab looks convenient. A single color is chosen by the company as its visual state. Besides, the dashboard and seat is designed really nice. Both of these combinations make a strong element inside the car. Last thing that we will talk is about the car’s feature that is still unknown. Chevy may provide a good time later to talk more through official announcement.

2020 Chevy 2500HD Release date and price

For now, the only information that we can get is, 2020 Chevy 2500HD is cost for $36.000 and released at 2020.

Hyundai i20 2020 Launch Date in India

Hyundai: Hyundai I20 2020 Gets Minor Styling Update For European Market, Hyundai i20 2020 Launch Date in India
Hyundai: Hyundai I20 2020 Should Be On The Market As A Redesigned And Improved Model, Hyundai i20 2020 Launch Date in India
Hyundai: Hyundai I20 2020 Interior Colors And Dimensions, Hyundai i20 2020 Launch Date in India
Hyundai: Hyundai I20 2020 Top Features You Should Know, Hyundai i20 2020 Launch Date in India
Hyundai: Hyundai I20 2020 Facelift VS Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Hyundai i20 2020 Launch Date in India

Hyundai i20 2020 will be launched with updated new technologies, which will be appealing for the consumers. The size dimension upcoming Hyundai i20 is somewhere in between the average car and smart car. In other words, this Hyundai i20 is considered as compact size car, which is suitable for people who prefer midsize city car. Below are the detailed information about the upcoming Hyundai i20.

Hyundai i20 2020 Exterior and Interior Redesign

For the upcoming design, Hyundai will go with fascinating concept of a compact car with new technology. This means that Hyundai would like to established new trend of advanced car concept. One of the highlights of the upcoming compact car by Hyundai is the grille design on the front section. This grille is designed to mix efficiently together with the bumpers. This creates impressions that it lacks of front bumper as efforts by designers to hide it in the plain sight. Further, new technology implemented around the car structure, which combines traditional door design with slipping door. This design results in large admission to the cabin of the car. Due to the compact exterior design, the cabin of Hyundai i20 2020 has limited space. However the front seat has reasonable headroom for passenger, the rear seats are more suitable for slim figure travelers. Unfortunately there is no plenty information about its dashboard features. As this compact car is upgraded with innovative technology, it is highly expected that this car will be furnished with tech-based dashboard features. The combination of is exterior and interior design will surely create comfort and ease in the city road driving.

Hyundai i20 2020 Engine and Safety Features, Price, and Release Date

Although the information of car design had been publicly release, Hyundai has not disclose the information related to its engine. Rumors state that it will be improved in term of power and efficiency compared to its predecessor. Hyundai marketing crew claimed that the product would hit Indian native and Chinese market around the October 2019. As it complements engine specification, the price is not set, however. Most people compute that it is not going too far away from another smart car with new technology. Unfortunately, there has not been plenty information about the the safety features beside its safety bags. However, this car must be installed with adequate safety features that protect and mitigate the travelers from unwanted circumstances impacted from any accidents.. There is no exact information about the launching date of this Hyundai i10 2020, yet as stated by official, this car will enter few regional markets in October 2019.

2020 Ford Kuga UK Redesign & Release Date

Ford: 2020 Ford Kuga Reviews, Specs And Photos, 2020 Ford Kuga UK Redesign & Release Date
Ford: 2020 Ford Kuga Preview & Release Date, 2020 Ford Kuga UK Redesign & Release Date
Ford: 2020 Ford Kuga Pricing, Features, Ratings And Reviews, 2020 Ford Kuga UK Redesign & Release Date
Ford: 2020 Ford Kuga Interior Features & Dimension, 2020 Ford Kuga UK Redesign & Release Date
Ford: 2020 Ford Kuga Spy Photos, 2020 Ford Kuga UK Redesign & Release Date

2020 Ford Kuga is the new generation of Ford Kuga that is predicted to have a whole new designing so the Ford Kuga get more interesting for customers. 2020 Ford Kuga is the future SUV from Ford that seems to be a strong competitor in the global market of SUV. The previous design is still made in the same model like the other previous one without any significant difference and in this new Ford Kuga, a whole new design will be offered for giving a new taste to the ride of Ford Kuga. Many concepts and technologies will seemingly increase this time and make the car become a whole new figure in the 2020.

2020 Ford Kuga Sport Engine Specs

The new Ford Kuga 2020 is the best thing that you have ever seen for the SUV. The car will come with a great engine which is said to be the 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine. This engine is an engine that focuses more on making efficient fuel consumption so the car will be economical and comfortable. The engine then is partnered with six-speed manual transmission and nine-speed automatic transmission. You can decide which transmissions that suit you best. All of the change which happens in the 2020 Ford Kuga is truly masterpiece for a SUV. The new car will be made with a new design of bumper and headlight. The bumper will be increased in strength and the appearance of the headlight will be made into more dynamic design this time. Then, it is hoped that the room gets roomier so it will get more comfortable for the rider. The best thing that this SUV always offers is its comfort in driving.

2020 Ford Kuga Price Estimated

All of the advantages that have been explained surely have tempted you to have this wonderful 2020 Kuga to your garage. This car is modified into a new personality with better performance and appearance and it seems, we hope that the price will not get so far from the previous series. This car seems to be sold in $ 30,000- $ 35,000 for the base model. The price will surely be worth its performance and the benefits that you will get. Stronger towing capacity and more efficient fuel consumption will be offered surely. Those are the greatness of this car that you can have. You have to make sure that you prepare your money when you want to have this as soon as possible. The late of 2020 seems to be the time for the launching but any other possibilities are still possible for the release of 2020 Ford Kuga.

2017 Chevy Avalanche Interior, Price and Specs

Chevrolet: 2017 Chevy Avalanche Black Diamond, 2017 Chevy Avalanche Interior, Price and Specs
Chevrolet: 2017 Chevy Avalanche Interior Dimensions, 2017 Chevy Avalanche Interior, Price and Specs
Chevrolet: 2017 Chevy Avalanche Z71 Review, 2017 Chevy Avalanche Interior, Price and Specs
Chevrolet: 2017 Chevy Avalanche Spy Shots, 2017 Chevy Avalanche Interior, Price and Specs

2017 Chevy Avalanche is a SUV series launched by Chevrolet that was initially released in 2001. With almost 16 years passing by, this car has undergone sequences of make-overs in order to perfect its features and specialties. Categorized as a pick-up trunk, Chevrolet aims to beat the others in its class through its modest modification.

What Stays the Same in 2017 Chevy Avalanche?

Just like its previous versions, 2017 Avalanche still functions the 5.3 L V8 engine that could produce to up-to 355 horsepower and the torque of 335 lb-feet. It still uses 6-speed transmission, the best from in its category. These engines are able to boost the performance of the car on the road, considering its big size and how powerful this car could be pushed. Interior-speaking, this car has not changed a lot, and even looks typically similar from year to year. In 2017 Chevy Avalanche, the inside of the car will fascinate the consumer as it looks nothing like inside of a truck at all. Wood trims and leather materials will be their signature as it has been persisted through several redesigns. In concise, nothing much changes in interior layout of the car but perhaps more additional features to keep up with the advancement of technology. This includes modern infotainment system and higher quality of windows.

The Differences between 2017 Chevy Avalanche and its Predecessor

Many car enthusiasts are having a hard time in moving on from their obsession over Chevrolet Avalanche series. The arrival of 2017 Chevy Avalanche hence remarks a cannot-be-missed event for them. Some admitted there have not been many changes from the previous version of the car. But the other has paid more attention to several parts that look distinct. The main refurbishment of the model was dominated in exterior part. More advanced technologies are installed on the outside part of the car, such as parking sensor, rear camera, and fog lights. The front part of the car is renovated bumper with more stylish grille that is bigger than before. The look is finished with sharp headlights with more sophisticated LED features. One more thing to note is that there has been assumption that 2017 Avalanche would get a total weight reduction to mitigate restraints and burdens during the drive. As the following dimension recorded is 221 inch length x 79 inch wide x 77 inch height, the size of the car has inherently contributed more than enough to its heaviness. Although has not yet been confirmed, 2017 Chevy Avalanche price would hover around $35,000 which is a big deal for an all-in-one package SUV like this. The release of 2017 Chevy Avalanche is predicted to occur in mid-2017, but it does not cover the possibility that the dates would be moved either sooner or later.

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