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2020 Ford F350 Dually Diesel Specs & Price

2020 Ford F350 Limited: 2020 Ford F350 Model Preview, 2020 Ford F350 Dually Diesel Specs & Price
2020 Ford F350 Limited: 2020 Ford F350 Dually Concept, 2020 Ford F350 Dually Diesel Specs & Price
2020 Ford F350 Limited: 2020 Ford F350 King Runch Leaked, 2020 Ford F350 Dually Diesel Specs & Price
2020 Ford F350 Limited: 2020 Ford F350 Interior Colors, 2020 Ford F350 Dually Diesel Specs & Price
2020 Ford F350 Limited: 2020 Ford F350 Platinum Truck, 2020 Ford F350 Dually Diesel Specs & Price

There are many car that ford are releasing on the 2020 and one of them are the 2020 Ford F350. This new F350 from the ford industry have many interesting features that makes it much more interesting and appealing than the other car. Of course, if you are interested in this car and its performance. Then in this article we will try to describe some of the best features that this car has to offer.

2020 Ford F350 Exterior and Interior Redesign

One of the many new improvement that this car will be having is on the exterior design or the body design of the car. Intimidating look is the main focus of this car. It can be seen on some of the improvement for the car exterior design. From new muscular front fascia, taillights and also headlights with LED system, all of the improvement will make the car even more appealing. Another interesting improvement that the 2020 ford F350 is having is the interior design of the car. The car will be having spacious interior that will allow the car for more comfortable design. The car itself is capable of having 8 passenger in the interior. The cargo space for the car will also enhanced to give it better storage. Finally, this car will have stylish new comfortable dashboard design and interior design as well.

2020 Ford F350 Engine, Safety Features, Price and Release date

For the engine, Ford F350 is using an improved engine which is a V6 engine with 3, 5 liter Ecoboost featured system. The engine is capable of generating for more than 360 horsepower as well 420 torque of power. There are other alternative engine from V8 engine with 6, 2 liter capacity and V8 engine with 6, 7 liter capacity. All of these engine will be supported with 6 speed of level transmission automatic system. For the safety system, there are several interesting new improvement that will make the new F350 better. First of all, the parking assist sensor and system will help people to drive in a safer manner. Second, safety bag features will make the car a much safer for passenger and driver. And finally, the security system are also improved to give the car and even better security for the whole passenger. As for you who want to know the details on when this car is released and how much is the price. Then you have come to the right place as we will tell you several interesting news about it.  First of all the price for the new 2020 ford F350 is priced for $38.000 to $42.000. The other information that are also quite important is the release date which is on the year of 2020 more specifically on the middle of that year.

2020 Chevy 2500HD Price & Release Date

Chevrolet: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Model Preview, 2020 Chevy 2500HD Price & Release Date
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2020 Chevy 2500HD included as future pickup truck that will be released. 2500HD known as one popular series produced by Chevy in future. It’s a must for Chevy to keep it up as a way to keep their pace on the market. For 2020 2500HD, Chevy plans to put something different for the truck. There are several significant changes seen on the car. It’s something that will improve the car on visual and engine sides. For this part, we will give you a sneak peek about it. The first sneak peek seen on the car’s exterior. People never care about how the car will be looked. But, it’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten. Chevy plans to put something refreshing and different than before. There could be several changes with new or even revision. The same thing goes on the cab. The cab will be improved for its features and design. In this case, they will get something that can help everyone feels really comfortable while sitting inside. The feature will help us to feel comfortable for entertainment and safety.

2020 Chevy 2500HD Diesel Engine

It’s always really interesting for talking about the engine. People are curious about how Chevy can turn the car as beast on road. Therefore, a monstrous engine is needed to transfer a huge power for the truck. It’s something that we will talk through here. As the main weapon, 2500HD will be powered with 4 cylinder inline 2.8L turbodiesel. The engine is strong enough for the truck. Besides, it provides powerful production to support the truck’s need as outdoor ride. The engine is able to generate 181 HP. It seems small but, Chevy may have special consideration to put the engine as the main one. However, it’s not final yet because, there are many rumors state about several options. The second engine comes is, V6 3.6 L fuel that provides more HP, 305 HP with 269 torque. People will be more interested in taking the second option. However, it’s still unsure whether Chevy may go for one of them or take this one as one of trim level.

2020 Chevy 2500HD Changes and Redesign

Afterwards, we’re moving to the exterior of 2020 Chevy 2500HD. What kind of thing that we can expect from here? Of course, there are many of them. Started from a redesign visual to several changes made for making better look. Besides, Chevy is not only aiming for visual only. There could be several moves made to improve the car’s performance and durability through the exterior. Though there is no change seen but, the exterior looks really awesome. Chevy decides to put the old style redeemed with several new things. Front bumper is changed for giving fresh look with simple and strong look. The addition of small fog lamp can be a good thing that can improve the car’s visual and feature. Another footstep added on both sides seem not so important but it turns as a good thing for the passenger to hop inside. Besides, it can be said as good accessory for the truck. Moving inside the truck, there is simpler than any cars that we’ve seen. The truck may got no special thing just like other car. But, Chevy aims for other things that will be put inside the truck. First of all, Chevy starts to make the cab looks convenient. A single color is chosen by the company as its visual state. Besides, the dashboard and seat is designed really nice. Both of these combinations make a strong element inside the car. Last thing that we will talk is about the car’s feature that is still unknown. Chevy may provide a good time later to talk more through official announcement.

2020 Chevy 2500HD Release date and price

For now, the only information that we can get is, 2020 Chevy 2500HD is cost for $36.000 and released at 2020.

2020 Audi Q7 TDI Changes and Release Date

Audi: Audi Q7 2020 Is The Brand's Flagship SUV Which Is Now In The Second Generation, 2020 Audi Q7 TDI Changes and Release Date
Audi: Audi Q7 2020 Colors Pictures, 2020 Audi Q7 TDI Changes and Release Date
Audi: Audi Q7 2020 Preview, Pricing, Release Date, 2020 Audi Q7 TDI Changes and Release Date
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2020 Audi Q7 is another choice of SUV released by Audi. Q7 is known as one of popular series made by Audi. For the newest Q7, Audi projects several changes that will be applied. Most of changes will take on major parts such as, visual and performance. We will give you a glimpse of what things that are applied by Audi first. First, we may see fresh design made by Audi. It may not change the car’s look at whole but, at least it can give a fresh look that is really cool for us.

2020 Audi Q7 TDI First Impression Review

For its engine, the car is said to come with several engine options. Which one of them that is considered as main engine is still not known. However, we can find it through the rumors. It will help us to find any engine that is suitable for us. Other thing that we shouldn’t miss is about the cabin. It’s really important for having a convenient cabin combined with advance features. To find the truth, we have collected several information from the latest rumors about the car. We know that you may be thirst for it so, without further ado, let’s move to the first section, the car’s engine. As stated before, there are several options that are available. Based on the information, V6 is chosen as the main engine. For the first option, there is Supercharged TFSI 3.0L V6. The engine is really powerful with its result, 333 HP and 325 torque. The second option comes with V8 4.0 L that can produce 435 HP and 664 torque. The second engine is available for other trim level. Besides, there is also other rumor says that the car will get hybrid engine. It might be a good news for any people that love hybrid car. Last thing on this section, the car will come with 8 speed automatic transmission.

2020 Audi Q7 S Line Redesign

Same thing goes on the exterior of 2020 Audi Q7. Audi redesigns the car’s visual so, it will be visually pleasing for everyone. The company goes for huge change that makes the car looks with modern look. The first change that is really cool is about its body material. Audi decides to use aluminum as the material. Besides, steel is also chosen as the body’s material. Though it’s chosen, the car still comes with surprising lighter weight that is really good. Audi has calculated all things precisely so, it will create great effect on the car’s exterior. At its visual side, Audi also improves several parts that need it. Front and rear bumper are also really astounding due to simple and sporty look. A huge grille with iconic Audi icon set on front. As the complement, the company sets elegant lamp on both sides. Inside the car, Audi decides to develop the latest technology for the car’s cabin. It could be the car’s safety features. For this aspect, Audi still doesn’t give any info about it. However, there could be new things that are added inside. The same thing may go the same for entertainment. Audi may go for new things or even revise the old one for better system. It’s said that Audi focuses on how to create comfortable driving place for the driver. For its design, Audi applies elegant and convenient design. Leather is chosen as the main material covers upholstery and dashboard. All things are set futuristically that means, the car will go for futuristic look inside.

2020 Audi Q7 Release date and price

Till now, there is still no clear news about the car’s price. Some people may say that it’s set around $55.000 - $66.000. The price might be different due to different trim levels added later. Up till now, there is only SQ7 known as one of trim levels added. The same thing seen on release date where 2020 Audi Q7 is still unknown till now.

2020 Chrysler 300 Concept, Redesign, Release Date

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Chrysler: 2020 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Updated Engines, 2020 Chrysler 300 Concept, Redesign, Release Date

2020 Chrysler 300 is a future car that will improve the specs significantly. The rumored specs above can be the images why you should consider buying it. Chrysler 300 is one of the most popular and most favorite cars. For the next generation, the company plans the new specs. New Chrysler 300 will not only stay affordable but also improve the specs. Therefore, let’s talk more about it.

2020 Chrysler 300 Exterior, Interior, Engine Specs

Starts from the exterior, there will be some changes if we compare it to the latest version. Even though the fixed exterior design is still unknown, we believe that the future Chrysler 300 will have new bumpers, grille, lights, and some other parts. Anyway, we will not be disappointed with its new exterior design. This upcoming car will not only redesign its exterior but also the interior. For the interior design, it will be much more comfortable as well as enjoyable. It will also keep and add new features & techs to increase the value. With more complete features, 2020 Chrysler 300 interior will not make you feel bored. We have looked for the information about the new engine that will be used for 2020 Chrysler 300. However, it is still unknown yet until now since the company is still silent about it. However, we believe that the engine will be more powerful. So, the performance will also be better including the speed, fuel efficiency, acceleration, etc.

2020 Chrysler 300 Price and Release Date

As long as the fixed price is still released, it is difficult to guess the estimated price. However, there are many rumors related to 2020 Chrysler 300 price. For the base model, the price will start from around 35,000 dollars. Then, the mid-level and high level will be more expensive. Because it is still too far to release this future car, the fixed launching time is still unknown. Even though people are waiting this car so much, they should be more patient. We predict that the company will not launch it sooner than the late of 2019. Even more, some experts predict that it will come out in the early of 2020. There are many reasons why you should prioritize buying this future car. In relation to the use, this is appropriate for any use such as daily use, travelling, office, etc. For the performance, it is undoubted including the power, torque, speed, fuel economy, etc. That is why 2020 Chrysler 300 is recommended so much.

2020 Dodge Dakota Pickup Price & Specs

Dodge: 2020 Dodge Dakota Interior Changes, 2020 Dodge Dakota Pickup Price & Specs
Dodge: 2020 Dodge Dakota 4x4 MPG Result, 2020 Dodge Dakota Pickup Price & Specs
Dodge: 2020 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4 Price, 2020 Dodge Dakota Pickup Price & Specs
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Dodge: 2020 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab First Look, 2020 Dodge Dakota Pickup Price & Specs

There are many new car that are released by Dodge and one of the car that we highly recommend is 2020 Dodge Dakota. This car offer many interesting specifications and also features which will give the car an even better specification and overall performance. In this article, we will discuss several of the information regarding this car. The information will be ranges from the body design to the engine and specifications.

2020 Dodge Dakota Exterior and interior redesign

The exterior design of this new Dakota will be using a basic platform that are inspired from L200 platform. This design will make the car much larger with spacious interior space and masculine design. The doors that installed into this car will be a 4 full size door and will be having a fitted design. The new front grille will make a great air intakes for the engine which will giving better performance and stability to the engine. The interior design for the new 2020 dodge Dakota will be improved with variety of improvement ranging from larger cabin to the comfortable seating material. The instrument panel or the dashboard of the car is looking much clear and have aesthetically pleasing design. The seat will also have soft upholstery giving better comfort for the passenger and driver. There are also storage boxes inside the cabin.

2020 Dodge Dakota Engine, Safety features, price and release date

The engine that will be installed into this car will be a 2, 4 liter capacity inline 4 engine with 190 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. This engine is having 4000 pounds of power and is going to be supported with automatic transmission system with 6 speed of level. Another alternative is 2, 5 liter turbocharged diesel engine with 300 torque and 180 horsepower. For the safety features, it looks like that Dodge Dakota 2020 will introduce a safety bags system inside the car interior. This safety bag will be placed into several parts of the car to give better protection and also safety. Other than the safety bags there will be new sensor system such as collision detection system and also parking assist system to give people easier time to park their car. The other part of information that are also important is of course the price and also release date. For the price, this car can be considered quite worthy of the price which is around $60.000 due to the specifications. Other than that, the release date are on the year of 2015 more specifically on the end of the year. With all of the information regarding 2020 dodge Dakota we can conclude that this is really a good car to be own.

2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date

Mazda: 2020 Mazda CX 5 Turbo Adds Better Active Safety To Complement Its Sharp Looks And Easy-driving Nature, 2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date
Mazda: 2020 Mazda CX 5 Gets 210 HP Diesel And New Skyactiv Technology, 2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date
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Mazda: 2020 Mazda CX 5 First Look Interior And Exterior, 2020 Mazda CX 5 Redesign and Release Date

After astounding success of the whole Mazda gamut, its skyactiv and kodo technologies, there are lots of fans and purchasers which are expecting impatiently with the presences of 2020 Mazda CX 5. Everything about this car would be featured with the changes toward some degrees. In other words, many people expect the improvements by means of designs, upgrade on interiors, and revised powertrain capability as well as improved fuel economies. If everything would go to the plans, this new 2020 Mazda CX 5 model would be on the streets as soon as possible around the ends of 2017.

2020 Mazda CX 5 Exterior and Interior

As current model launched by Mazda, this car is really attractive on its outsides as this gets. By this, there will be really little room for the presences of additional tweaking. The touch of enhancements will be done mostly on its front bumper. Probably, this 2020 Mazda CX 5 exterior will be designed with slightly sharper headlight, but it must inherit the similar front grilles. Both of rear and head light would be featured with modern technology of LED. On this current model, there will be no change on its dimension. Inside this car, there will be no features with major overhaul. However, there will be standard safety features that include side impact beams, ABS, ESC, airbags for passenger and drivers, low tire pressure warning, safety lock, and many more. Entertainment features on this 2020 Mazda CX 5 would include 40speaker sound systems, MP3 capability, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD touchscreen with infotainment feature, and many others.

2020 Mazda CX 5 engines and performances Conclution

Speculatively, this current Mazda will not come with any kind of revision, upgrade, or modification on its engines. The engine options would be carried over its new generations. For the basic engine, there will be 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engines that can deliver up to 155 horsepower at 6000 rpm with maximum torque outputs up to 150 pounds-feet at 4000 rpm. This engine would be mated with six-speed manual system with front wheel drive configurations. For estimated fuel economies on this setup is 35 mpg on highway, 26 mpg on city, and 29 mpg as it is combined. It is pretty impressive results consider the class of this 2020 Mazda CX 5. The cruising ranges on highways are rated at 518 miles and 385 miles while in the city. For the others option, there will be more powerful variants that include 2.5 liter inline 4-cylinder petrol engines with direct injections. It can produce maximum output up to 184 horsepower at 5700 rpm and the peak torque output up to 185 pounds-feet around 3250 rpm. This machine will be paired with six-speed automatic transmission systems. Its estimated fuel economy is 25 mpg on city, 32 mpg on highway, and 27 mpg as it is combined. Also, there will be two diesel variants of similar engines. There will be 2.2 liter diesel engines which can produce up to 148 horsepower that is coupled either with automatic or manual six-speed gearbox. Comes to the performance, this engine can accelerate the vehicle start from 0 up to 60 only within 9.2 seconds. For more powerful diesels which are the similar 2.2 liter unit, this time produces 173 horsepower that can reach up to 60 mph only in 8.8 seconds. For the comparisons, to reach, 2.5 liter petrol unit can get within 8 seconds and 9 seconds for 2.0-liter unit.


2020 Mazda CX 5 is current model of Mazda that is planned to launch at the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2020 with some enhancements and improvements.

2020 Infiniti Q70 Redesign & Release Date

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Infiniti: 2020 Infiniti Q70 Luxury Sedan Preview, 2020 Infiniti Q70 Redesign & Release Date
Infiniti: 2020 Infiniti Q70 Spotted With Exterior Changes, 2020 Infiniti Q70 Redesign & Release Date

The new 2020 Infiniti Q70 will hit the market in 2020 as the successor of the current Q70 model. The Q70 model is well known as a modern sedan with stylish appearance and powerful engine. Because the current model is quite good regarding style and performance, Infiniti will not make many changes to the upcoming model. They will keep the body shape and dimension to be the same as the predecessor. Of course, the engine will be more powerful and more efficient than the predecessor. Some of the body parts also get some changes to create a more stylish look. The interior feature will be added by some new modern technologies. The overall changes and addition will make the new Infiniti Q70 as a modern and futuristic sedan.

2020 Infiniti Q70 Exterior and Interior Design

As stated above, the body dimension and the shape are still the same as the current model. The changes for the next Q70 model will focus on the lighting for both the front and the back of the car.  At the front, the new headlights use the LED lights that can provide a better illumination than the current model. It also gives a stylish and elegance appearance at the front. The front grille also gets redesigned to adjust the new headlights. At the back, the taillights of new Q70 also use the LED lights. It will create a stylish look at the back. The muffler tube of this next modern sedan also gets a new futuristic design. The 2020 Infiniti Q70 wheels still use the same size as the current model. Some minor changes for the body will be enough to keep the public perception about this car as a modern and stylish sedan. About the interior design of this new Q70 model, there are some new technologies and features. The cabin size will remain the as the previous model. As we know, the cabin of the previous Infiniti Q70 is cozy and comfortable. It provides a great experience of driving in a modern sedan. There is enough space for the passenger’s leg and head inside this car. The dashboard of Q70 will be added by a new touchscreen display. The dashboard also comes in a new modern style that uses some chromes and leathers for the finishing. The seats of this sedan also use the finest leather as the cover. The safety features of the Q70 will be new and safe.

2020 Infiniti Q70 Powertrain and Price Estimated

There are two choices for the engine. First is a 3.7-liter VQ V6 engine that produces 420 horsepower and 417 pounds of torque. The other engine will be a hybrid engine producing 302 horsepower and 258 pounds of torque. The transmission will use the seven-speed automatic transmission combined with the AWD system. The price of this new Q70 model is around $50,000 for the basic model. The highest model may be priced around $68,000. The release date is still unfixed, but some rumors said that this new sedan would be released in the first quarter of 2020. The next 2020 Infiniti Q70 will be ready to beat its rival in the market.

2018 Toyota Celica GT Price and Release Date

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2018 Toyota Celica starts its debut after this model is finally issued by Toyota. The automaker of this sport car announced that the model will have luxurious design on its interior and exterior. Being a sport car, this series needs to be able to accelerate. Therefore, it comes with powerful engine specification aside from its complete aerodynamic design.

First Impression of 2018 Toyota Celica

Nothing can be said about the exterior of this sport car model except from the luxurious impression. This luxurious impression is enhanced with the glossy black design along the exterior body of the car. The company of this model mentions that the exterior layout is remodeled design from the previous model. As it goes with top class sport cars, 2018 Toyota Celica also has compact layout. This compact layout supports the aerodynamic aspect to maximize the car acceleration. Instead of laced on the grille, the company logo is placed on the hood of this car. The headlamps have elongated design combined elegantly with the fog lamps. The luxurious theme applied on the exterior of this series is also implemented on the interior as well. In order to match the exterior, the interior brings the black color theme. Silver and chrome accents are only used to highlight the edge of cabin feature. Even though the exterior is compact, the manufacturer manages to make the cabin space less cramped. Comfort seems to be the main consideration for the interior of 2018 Toyota Celica.  The materials used on most feature cabin are carbon fiber and leather material in high quality. For driver and passenger convenience, the car is equipped with advance feature as well. Basic features such as connectivity and air conditioning system come along with user-friendly infotainment system.

Engine Performance of 2018 Toyota Celica

This model comes with impressive engine specification in order to max out its potential. The engine used is 2 liter of turbocharged engine with four cylinders. This engine specification is able to generate 235-258 horsepower output. So far, the transmission system used in it is not announced yet. The 2018 Toyota Celica price offered is definitely worth this impressive engine specification. If the rumor according to this car is confirmed, it will be available in the market in the early of 2018. The company is rumored delaying its release date due to classified reasons. Meanwhile, the price tag for 2018 Toyota Celica will be roughly about $20,000.

2020 Buick Riviera Price, Release Date & Rumors

Buick: 2020 Buick Riviera Concept Spied, 2020 Buick Riviera Price, Release Date & Rumors
Buick: 2020 Buick Riviera Future Concept Car, 2020 Buick Riviera Price, Release Date & Rumors
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Buick: 2020 Buick Riviera What’s So Amazing From Its Design Both Outside And Inside, 2020 Buick Riviera Price, Release Date & Rumors

The 2020 Buick Riviera will be the real version of the Riviera concept. This new model was shown in Shanghai in 2013. Since that day, there was no any official information about the release date of this futuristic vehicle. Some rumors said that the pre-order of the Buick Riviera could be started in mid of 2020. The Buick looks amazing. It brings a new and futuristic design of a modern vehicle. Of course, the futuristic design is also supported by the modern technologies and engine. The Buick Riviera can be a good choice for a modern and futuristic sedan.

2020 Buick Riviera Exterior and Interior Design

As you know, the Buick Riviera concept in 2013 showed its unique design. At that time, this car looked modern and futuristic. The body design looks elegance and nice. It has the water flows design for the body. It can be noticed from the grille design that looks like the flowing water. At the front, Buick Rivera looks sharp and sporty. The front headlights look stunning. It has good vision and for the driver of the Buick Riviera. It brings some stylish features for the exterior. It has low drag coefficient, active aerodynamic system, sloping roof and angled windshield. The doors of Buick Riviera use the “gull” hide futuristic design. As a futuristic vehicle, the interior of Buick Riviera will be full of features and stylish. The interior will use the black wood and aluminum for the finish. That combination gives a luxurious and elegance design. The 2020 Buick Riviera offers a roomy cabin for the driver and the passengers. There enough space for the leg and head of the passengers. The seats will have a slim design using the highest quality of leathers. The dashboard design looks new and amazing. It has a unique shape that is equipped with the modern technologies. The touchscreen display will be the entertainment and the navigation tool. Some other modern features and technologies also can be found inside the Buick Riviera.

2020 Buick Riviera Powertrain Specifications

When we saw the concept of the Buick Riviera 2020, we will expect something great and special. Because it’s still a concept, there is no any accurate information from GM about the engine specs. Of course, many people expect that GM will give the best for the engine of the Buick Riviera. Some rumors said that GM would give the dual-mode W-PHEV engine to the new Buick Riviera. Once again, it’s still a rumor. The top speed of the Buick Riviera is rumored to reach 155 mph. The acceleration is expected to reach 60 mph only in 5 seconds. Hopefully, the engine will be powerful and has good fuel efficiency.

2020 Buick Riviera Price

The release date and the price of the Buick Riviera are still a mystery. There is no any information from Buick about it. The industrial rumors said that this new modern sedan would be priced around $100,000. The release date of the new Riviera is expected at the end of 2020. You need to wait sometime before you can see the 2020 Buick Riviera on the road.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Line Specs & Price

Ford: 2020 Ford Fiesta ST 5 Door, 2020 Ford Fiesta ST Line Specs & Price
Ford: 2020 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Titanium, 2020 Ford Fiesta ST Line Specs & Price
Ford: 2020 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Redesign, 2020 Ford Fiesta ST Line Specs & Price
Ford: 2020 Ford Fiesta RS Release Date In USA, 2020 Ford Fiesta ST Line Specs & Price
Ford: 2020 Ford Fiesta ST Interior, 2020 Ford Fiesta ST Line Specs & Price

2020 Ford Fiesta ST is one of the new car which is known to be developed by Ford. As much as the other car that are developed by ford, this car also being known to be very popular among all of the ford fans due to the information and also improvements that rumored to be taking place into this car engine, exterior and also interior. Several improvements that is going to take place into this car is known to be around the car exterior and interior as explained briefly before. It is said that the new car will have revamped design which is being one of the most interesting parts of this car announcement. As we already know Fiesta ST model is quite stylish if compared with the other car made by Ford which makes many people are pretty much want to see this car in flesh.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Specs and Changes

The new engine will also become the main focus of this car which makes the car become even more stylish and also interesting. This car engine is rumored to be expectedly much more powerful than the other car. Due to this reason, it is known to be much more interesting and also stylish to give this car a more advantage in terms of specification if compared with the other car. With all of these changes and improvements we are sure you are curious enough to know what kinds of changes that this car undergoes in details. And do not worry because we will give you all of the necessary information that you need in order to make the car looks much more interesting and also informative enough to take upon your curiosity and want to see more of this car in action. One of the most interesting car design of this car is of course the exterior. This car exterior will be much better and have better style if compared with the previous design. It can be seen on the new revamped design that are inspired from the other ford car. Curious to know which ford car that this car taking inspiration? Well it is the ford mustang. This new car design will have better and also dynamic design than the previous version it will taking a more aesthetic design which has become the main idea of ford mustang itself. With this design it will be making a new changes and can even make other people who are not really into the new ford Fiesta ST to take a glance and become interested with this car. The next thing that makes the car even more unique looking is the new ford will comes with interesting new four door platform which is identical to the mustang as we already tell you before. This car will also have a new redesign front end that looks much sportier and also stylish. With new chrome honeycomb grille with shaped like a trapezoid and makes it more interesting to be look at.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Interior Design

If the exterior have beautiful exterior, how about the interior? Interior for the new 2020 Ford Fiesta ST is pretty unique and also comfortable. There are large space that fit for more than five passenger and driver on the same time. However, it is not only that, because the interior is now fitter with new premium leather seats which makes it very unique and also comfortable. There are several new console touch screen in the interior with the My Ford touch system which will make the car to be having better information and also entertainment system for the whole passenger which makes it very much interesting and also comfortable for the whole passenger. This feature is now rumored to be improved even better. Moving from the interior we go to the exterior which is now even better as the new engine will be featuring a whole new engine/ the engine that this car are being installed as the new V8 engine with 5.0 liter capacity and will be offering a brand power of 462 horsepower at max with 424 torque of power. This will be coupled with better transmissions system. The new transmission system itself will be automatic transmission system it will be having a 6 speed of transmission system level and capable of more speedy approach as the new system allow for better acceleration feature. This is of course has made the car engine to vastly superior than the previous car engine which makes it one of the most interesting and also reliable engine that introduced for the new Ford Fiesta ST.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Sprint Release date and price

The information about the car price and release date of this new car is very interesting as there are no official information regarding the car release date. However some prediction will say that this car is scheduled to be around for the year of 2020. Its means that it will out next year. For the price it according to the information that we can gather this 2020 Ford Fiesta ST is going to hit the market with $60.000 price.

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